Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Specializing – Atheist Necklace

Originally written for Passion Preferred by me.

The wonderful world of business and of course life sometimes calls for specialization. We see it in professionals all the time.
Legal law
Spanish translation
Stay at home mom or dad
People specialize. It insures that when you are looking for something you find it. That the focus of the shop or person is clear. "Niche" is another word for a specialized market.
This I am going to look at some of the specialized shops on etsy.
First is Gold Mettle a clever but cutesy name. Before you conclude that that is an insult, cute sells look at Disney. The name made me smile.
Gold Mettle sells one thing. (so far) Atheist Necklaces. She has 6 up currently. Photographing each one one in a slightly different way with different backgrounds. She has 14 sales since sept.
Would you put only one item in your shop. Probably not. It would be nice to see GM expand but what her shop offers is a niche item to a percentage of the population that is usually forgotten. After all how many non atheist have thought about creating a product that declares a non belief?
Yet Gold Mettle has found some success in this focused approach.
What can you learn from Gold Mettle?
Where can you focus your line to a specific group?
Are there things you need to drop to give your line, shop or life in order to become a specialist?
Can your categories help you separate your line or items into niches?
How does your clients see your shop or site? what do you sell?
Atheist necklace Via Gold Mettle @ Etsy

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