Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gillian Bates Textile Artist.

I discovered Gillian Bates on the front page of Etsy.
A textile artist that lives in East Sussex UK, Gillian has some contemporary pieces with a touch of the classic.

Four 99s Please

I am missing something in pop culture reference. 99s? As a New Yorker it looks like Mister Softee to me.

Eastbourne Pier

Wish you were here - Bournemouth Pier

Both Piers look like heaven...especially since it is 103° where I am right now. Ahhh to lounge in those chairs and have something cold.

 De La Warr Pavilion

This building was built in 1935, very modernistic. I would say more but I would just reveal myself as the geek I truly am.

While I loved Gillian Bates' work nothing personally screamed ME!

So I contacted her....

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Jay (UK) said...

Mmmm, ice-cream! you stick a flake in Mr Softee or Mr Whippy Ice Cream et voila, a 99! nom nom! Gillian Bates artwork is ace, love the bold colours and stitched line work, fantastic! One day I will own a piece...Along with Laura Amiss, love her work too.