Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reasearching Jewelry - Taxco Sterling Bracelet

One look at this bracelet and I thought eighties. When researching jewelry that is not enough. It's a good start especially when you have 22 years experience.
Sterling set with a black onyx this bracelet fit well and was discovered with a matching ring (pictures coming soon)

The Bracelet is marked TX-120 925. 925 is sterling. First step was to look up the mark. No luck but the registration mark was for taxco.

The T in TX-120 stands for Taxco Mexico. The X is for the silversmith. The artist either had a first or last name that started with an X. Yeap that's how they did it. 120 means that the silver smith was the 120th to register with the initial X. No information on the artist. Then I did an internet search that produced no information. Then I hit more research books, auction catalogs and specialty books.

What I found was three designers TX-145, TX183 and finally TX-240. All three (unnamed) designed for various companies in the early and mid- eighties. All registered after TX120. All the clues to the age of this piece scream 80's
. (via BlissStreetJewelry) It is also available on (Etsy)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Tradition - Lace making.

I grew up in a family, as many do, where the women cook, sew and create art in traditional ways. Skills in Crochet and Lace was handed down in my family. It skipped me. Or should I say I skipped it. Sadly lace making is a time consuming task that I didn't take to. Ask my mother and she will say it was too quiet and still for me. Mother's know best. It was.

I took to metal work, glass blowing, and enameling. While my female family, mom, grandmother, aunt and cousins knitted, crocheted and weaved lace I was hammering metal. Fired up a kiln, picked up a torch hmmm starting to see a fire theme here.

These pendants are my lace making, an ode to those quiet artists everywhere that make stunning pieces that we use in our everyday life.

Look at me mom!!! I'm making Lace !

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father's Day - Musical Dad


Guitar Pick pendant is just so simple but striking. Yes it is custom and handmade. Just a wonderful idea for a music fanatic. jc jewelry design will personalize it with lyrics or names or anything you can think off. Although I am sure that there is a character limit. just under $50. (via jc jewelry design at Etsy)

Father's Day - Car Guy.

Bicycle Tire Belt - Wide Hybrid Tread by julienjaborska

Can you think of a better gift for a car guy? I already asked for one for my hubby's birthday. Shhh... Don't tell him! The posting says that it is made for wide loops I hope that it fits standard levis or that he will make a thinner version. I will keep you posted. (via julien jaborska at etsy)

update: It fits Jeans!!!! He also has a back orderlist so if you want one get your name on the list.

Father's Day The Photographer's Box by SixthandElm

The Photographer's Box - Vinatge Red Oak Stain by SixthandElm

For the picture taker. I love this box it brings back a vintage feel to a hand made piece. I would put a memory card or film in the box so that dad has everything he needs to take photo's and store them. If he has a camera of course. If not how about putting your favorite photos in the box?

Here is some detail from
Sixth and Elm

"This beautiful wooden box has been woodburned with a vintage-inspired "Photos" label with matching flourishes. The box has been sanded to a soft 600-grit smoothness and stained a Red Oak colour, with a faux-vintage treatment applied." (via

Friday, June 12, 2009

Father's Day - For the Science Dad

Seven Years Handstamped Custom Personalized Solid Copper 2-Piece Keychain or Pendant

7th anniversary?(It's copper by the way) or Science Geek? This is a great , unusual hand made gift. I think it is perfect for father's day. (via 1000 markets -Anandi laboratory) ohh and I almost forgot it's $26. nice price.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Father's Day - Morpho Butterfly Wing Cufflinks

Vintage on Etsy - Sunset at the Beach Morpho butterfly Wing Cufflinks by BlissStreetJewelry

Yes. These cufflinks have real butterfly wings, aren't they stunning. I bought a collection and am slowly listing pieces. Many fathers go to the office for work, but not every father takes the beach with him. (via Bliss Street Jewelry). I also have a Capital Building pair.

Note while I still have a pair on etsy, I now have them on my new website.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Father's Day. The Great Bowl O' Fire Recycled Steel Fire Pit: ArtBuzz

The Great Bowl O' Fire Recycled Steel Fire Pit: ArtBuzz

This is stunning!!!. Who doesn't life fire? Not only is this perfect for a deck or backyard but it's ART. (via John T. Unger) John T. Unger has some amazing pieces. Each design has different sizes.

Fathers day Gifts - For the Rocker or Biker Dad.

Stingray Cross Black Leather Tri-fold Wallet

Black Leather wallet with a red sting ray cross. It is all hand stitched The center cross is sterling as are the snaps. Best thing? It's not just fashion - it is tough and usable with lots of pockets(?) Is that what it would be called? (via Bliss St Jewelry) It's $158.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Steam Punk Dragonfly

Federikas Vintage Filigree over at Etsy has quite a few dragon flyies. my favorite? of course the Steam Punk Dragonfly.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Glass Insects by artist Wesley Fleming.

Dragonfly - 2009

Wesley Fleming is a glass artist with an eye towards nature. He uses glass rods from Italy and shapes them over a flame then anneals them in a kiln. Sounds like 3 simple steps? Think again. Working with hot glass is like sculpting with honey. Quick hardening honey that cracks. Wesley Feming has know the how glass behaves and uses that knowledge to create his sculptures.

Grandaddy LongLegs 2008 was made for Bozeman Public Library's "Catch the Reading Bug" program. Can you imagine tiny little insects gathered around listening?

Orb Weaver (2009) is for anyone who loves spiders

Monday, June 1, 2009

Art Nouveau insects by Lucien Gaillard (1861–1933).

Art nouveau is famous for it's flowing lines, natural inspiration and artistry. Lucien Gaillard is just one artist.
Gaillard was third generation of Parisian jewelers. He took over the family firm in 1892 he took the firm away from jewelry and shifted the emphasis to larger-scale metalwork. Although the larger work did well around 1900 he returned to jewelry.

Moth Pendant, ca. 1900Lucien Gaillard (French, 1861–1933)Gold, enamel, citrine, and horn. (Picture is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art as is the description.)

Hairpin, c. 1904 , Horn, gold, emerald, diamond, citrine and enamel. (Picture is from Rijks museum)