Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reasearching Jewelry - Taxco Sterling Bracelet

One look at this bracelet and I thought eighties. When researching jewelry that is not enough. It's a good start especially when you have 22 years experience.
Sterling set with a black onyx this bracelet fit well and was discovered with a matching ring (pictures coming soon)

The Bracelet is marked TX-120 925. 925 is sterling. First step was to look up the mark. No luck but the registration mark was for taxco.

The T in TX-120 stands for Taxco Mexico. The X is for the silversmith. The artist either had a first or last name that started with an X. Yeap that's how they did it. 120 means that the silver smith was the 120th to register with the initial X. No information on the artist. Then I did an internet search that produced no information. Then I hit more research books, auction catalogs and specialty books.

What I found was three designers TX-145, TX183 and finally TX-240. All three (unnamed) designed for various companies in the early and mid- eighties. All registered after TX120. All the clues to the age of this piece scream 80's
. (via BlissStreetJewelry) It is also available on (Etsy)


Treasures by Tina said...

Isn't it fascinating to do research like that? I recently looked for the providence of some Sterling and plate tea service and flatware items, as well as some very old tea cups. :)

Carolena said...

It's like a puzzle to put together, so much fun. ok and sometimes frustrating.