Monday, February 15, 2010

Vintage advice (1938) - Tips for Dating (Modernized)

I was over at Sad and Useless and scans of this 1938 article on tips of the single ladies. People commented on the posting saying the article was antiquated and sexist. A little dated yes. Sexist? not really. So I posted the pics here with updated advice and the men version. Will this be for every date? no.

Both – when your date arrives don’t keep them waiting, Don’t dress in front of them and Smile.

Men don’t like women borrowing their hankerchiefs, brushes, or other grooming items when you first meet them. Handle grooming including make up and perfume in private.

Women don’t like it either. Men groom in private and please light on the cologne.

Women, sit in a relaxed position. with your legs closed or crossed . Don’t look bored. Don’t chew with your moth open no one needs to hear or see your gum or dinner.
Men- don’t spread your legs and take up one and half seats. Don’t slouch half way down the chair. Sit up in your chair.  Don’t look bored. Don’t chew with your mouth open no on needs to hear or see your gum or dinner.

Woman- when a man dances he sometimes just want to dance. If you talk leave it light on the dance floor and then only if it does not interfere with the dancing.
Men – If the music is load and the girl is enjoying the dance. Don’t talk. there is time for that at the table. It just shows that you are uncomfortable physically with a woman. Dance when you dance. talk when it’s time to sit and talk. (Does not apply to slow dances but keep conversation light or romantic)
Both – leave grinding to a minimum. While it is a form of dancing that is popular and has been  it also sends a “I want to have sex with you” message.   Your partner may get “I ONLY want to have sex” message instead.

Women- where a bra if you need one. Don’t wear clothes that are too low cut or too low riding. Wear clothes in your size not two sizes too small. Wear sexy and comfortable shoes. (yes there are such a thing)

Men -If you need a belt wear one. Do not show your ass crack, scratch your crotch or butt. Wear clothes in your size not two sizes too big.
Both- Fashion has it’s place. over sized pants, under size shirts are fine after the person gets to know you. until then you should be the focus not the clothes. What you were should accentuate not mask or over inflate who you are. In other words let them date you not your outfit.

Both – Don’t use the car mirror to fix your hair, contacts or adjust yourself. The driver need it to drive along with turning for blind spots. Use the mirror that’s attached to the passenger side sun visor. there is always one there. why the hell would you need to screw with the driver?

Both – Don’t be overly familiar with date. Touching them may not be appropriate. holding hands is fine. Light touches on the arms and shoulders is fine. adjusting their clothes? no. Cleaning something off of their face is only ok if they say so. It is never ok to use spit to clean someone else.

Women -  Don't be sentimental.....(above)....

Men – Don’t be pushy. Or give too much advice. If she doesn’t want to talk about her work, then drop it. Some women don’t want to work on their career when they are on a date. Most don’t want their date to fix them.  women don’t like their men crying in public places either.

Both – Don’t be overly familiar with the waiter or  waitress. Don’t talk about how much fun you had with someone else. Your date deserves your full attention.

Women – don’t talk about clothes, shoes or your “favorite” girly show. (you know which they are) Talk about things that he wants to talk about. If it happens to be the same thing Great!

Men – Don’t talk about the latest trade to your favorite sports team or the motor in your car or your favorite video game Talk about the things she wants to talk about. If it happens to be the same thing. Great! (she may love sports, cars or video games)

Both – Don’t drink too much.

Some women are clever but most get silly. Some men get fun, most get loud and sloppy.

Both – Don’t flirt with other people or have long drawn out conversations with others. It’s rude to your date.
This includes cell phones. Leave them off or tell the caller you will call them back at a later time

Women -  don’t pass out

Men -Don’t pass out. You are too damn heavy to carry home.
Both – You may be left.

Both- If you see the man all the way on the right. Avoid him. He is off of his meds.


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