Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Venus Ring is a 1000 Markets Staff Pick.

My Venus ring was picked as a staff pick on 1000 markets! They called it stunning. I missed my opportunity to take a screen shot (next time I will think of it sooner).

(via Bliss St on 1000 markets)
Like many woman Venus was divided by her different roles.

There was Venus Genetrix ("Mother Venus"),Venus Felix ("Lucky Venus"), even Venus Kallipygos ("Venus with the pretty bottom"), and the list goes on, an epithet for each the different facets of the goddess

Venus Ercina was the Venus of untamed or wild love in other words, erotic love. Literally it means "queen of the heather" an untamed rose that grew out of the rocks.

This sterling ring unearths an image of powerful beauty, vulnerability, and complexity of female sexuality in the simplest form I could think of. Inspired by Jean Leon Gerome and done in the Art Nouveau style.

The Venus Erycina Erotic Love Ring can be found in my shop on 1000 markets as well as in Bliss St Jewelry.


Alicia Istanbul said...

Beautiful ring!

Justine said...

Sweet! It's a really cool ring!