Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Next Contest - Aqua Marine Moon Necklace by Jennifer Curl

This has a contest to win this Aqua Marine Necklace by Jennifer Curl (on the left). Described as:

Aqua Marine Moon Necklace
Raw aqua marine moon on a gold fill chain. This beautiful blue circle is sure to shimmer even at night.
Length:15" with 3" extension:18"

A simple circle with a twist. Although it isn't my personal style, the contest is interesting on different levels.

  • It is a necklace that goes with almost any outfit, dressy or jeans and t-shirt. The aqua marine is has color but will go with almost anything.
  • It is most certainly fashionable.
  • One of you (hopefully) will win this.
  • Jennifer Curl is a designer that I was not familiar with until today. I love discovering new designers.]
  • A This Next contest is a wonderful way for any designer to promote their work.
Jennifer Curl's glass flower necklaces and earrings have a slightly retro romantic feel. Giving clients a choice between that and her more modern gemstone collection. Both styles offer versatile fashion choices.

Her website includes a twitter link, weekly specials, a membership and a contest sign up. Contest for the same piece? Although the picture is a blue flower. I'm not sure. I haven't signed up. Her prices range from $18 to $57 as of this entry.

This next asks you to expand their shopping site. There is a page with the contest rules to read. I personally find it difficult to use This Next on a regular basis. It's not quick to add items and it requires comments for each add on. Who has the time? But tell me what you think. If you win the necklace let me know.

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