Monday, March 23, 2009

How old is it????

Ebay, Etsy, Go antiques, Tias, Ruby Lane all these sites have one thing in common. They have sellers that deal in other than brand new items. With online sales of vintage items questions come up about exactly how old is something. What does vintage mean or for that matter Antique?

  • Antique - over 100 years old

  • Vintage - technique it is not a specific amount of time. Just years gone by eg. vintage 1954, vintage 1986, vintage 1994. Online however it usually means 20+ years old. Many sites use 25+years old

  • Collectible - Has nothing to do with age. It just means that it is collected by a selection of people or groups. eg. coins, dolls, barbies, plates etc.

  • Estate - also has nothing to do with age. It has to do with worth. Whether the item is 5 year old or 120 years old, the word estate is conveying it is a luxury item. Eg. Estate Jewelry, Estate records In some cases the worth is because it belonged to someone famous.

  • Circa- Dating to an era. Circa 1950, circa 1870

Does this help value your item? Sometimes. The truth is a value of an item has less to to with age and more to do with quality, rarity and demand. These definitions give the item providence. Giving the item a story helps make the inanimate personal.

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